Diana Tandi, founder of the company, was born in Jakarta and spent her childhood in Bali. She moved and lived in Belgium for 10 years where she experienced modern European culture before moving back to Indonesia to live in Bali. Being passionate about beauty and fashion, she has since further studied and graduated from both Esmod Fashion School, and Spa Beauty in Jakarta. Her creations are a unique and artistic blend of Asian heritages with western chic and sophistication.

Diana has always believed in love and kindness, and these qualities  are reflected in her designs. She carefully handpicks all raw materials with an eye for the consumer’s visual delight and satisfaction. With keen attention to detail, and lots of love put into designing and crafting, her collections definitely stand out in terms of quality and beauty.

Hence it’s not surprising that orders for her products have  been placed by renowned brands, fashion boutiques, fashion designers,  and individuals from Australia, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, USA, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Together with her best friend, Sarlin Huys, she founded Diana i Sarlin (DiS), a brand synonymous with elegance, chic, and sophistication.